Every photographer’s website will tell you that they love taking photos. That’s a given.  But photography is much more than that.

It's a collaborative experience

 It's about capturing an impression of who you are in that moment - a powerful mediator of life.

And, let’s be real. It’s also meant to be enjoyable!

I could tell you about my four-year degree in photographic studies, my foundations in analog darkroom photography, or my evolution through the field.  Yet through my years of experience as a freelance photographer I believe that the personal connection is far too often over-looked. 

Photography helps preserve that sense of wonder we all fear to leave behind as we grow up and move forward in life. We tend to document our happiest moments so that we can tap into that joy throughout the coming years. Bump, to Baby, to Adult, and all the wonderful experiences in between!

If I can bring a little more happiness to your life as my client, then I have made a difference.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in that happiness. 

Delight in the small things, be grateful for the “remember-when’s”, and revel in the moment!

- Katie